My Little Man!

We finally got to hold him today 🙂 He opened his eyes and looked right at us!!!!!

Jack Valentino is Here!

Yesterday, my wife, Erica and I went into the hospital around 6am because she was having some weird stomach pains. These turned out to be contractions, and they decided at 9am to do an emergency c-section. An hour later, at 9:59 AM, Jack Valentino Centola was born 3lbs 15oz. He was only 34 weeks, so […]

A well needed update!

Well I haven’t been updating this much lately as I have been very busy with working on the new Allstar Graphics website, scheduled to launch in early September. It incorporates a lot of my recent trends with SEO and PHP, and it’s really quite slick. Also, I have not yet made a post about this […]

No news is good news?

Well, I haven’t updated much on here because I’ve been busy working, and taking care of personal things. With my wife being pregnant, we’ve had to do so much around here to get ready for it, which takes up a lot of my personal time. I’ve had a lot of work come in lately for […]