2017 INDYCAR Grand Prix Returns to Watkins Glen

This weekend I will be attending the 2017 Verizon INDYCAR Grand Prix at The Glen. It was a pretty big surprise to be contacted by a marketing representative of INDYCAR to provide social media and blog coverage of the Gran Prix this weekend. I am very excited to cover this, as I have never been […]

BMW E92 335i VRSF CP / TiAl BOV Install Pics

A couple guys have been installing this lately, so I figured I’d document my install. Went pretty smoothly, except for me always dropping nuts and bolts. I also spent some time cleaning the sludge and oil, as well as time yelling at my kids for fighting lol. Anyways here we go! How it looked when […]

Latest project twoforty updates…

So there hasn’t been much to update with the project as of late. Since my last update we worked on getting the entire interior stripped, including all of the sound deadening. If we are going to reach our goal of 2500lbs with driver, then every little bit is going to count. Once we finished stripping […]

Mini Cooper @ Dunnville Autodrome

Here’s a couple of videos of our mini cooper s out at Dunnville Autodrome in Dunnville, Ontario, Canada. The camera set up we used was from ChaseCam, and we’ll be writing a full review on their products soon. For now here is a couple samples of the video.

Track Day with the Mini!

This past saturday we were out at Dunnville Autodrome for a track day with Onyx Syndicate and NYSpeed. We brought my wife’s Mini Cooper S and we filmed for rspeedTV, part of It was a great time and we got to meet of a lot of good people. It definitely was interesting to get […]

The sr20 is out!

Yesterday, myself, CaviMike and Rick from BTF Racing, Inc. pulled the sr20 from our project twoforty. It took several hours with a couple of breaks in between, but it came out with pretty much no problems. This was the first motor I have ever pulled and with the right tools, it doesn’t seem too difficult […]

Project 240sx begins!

This past saturday, my friend Kevin and I deciding to start project twoforty and strip the interior of the 240sx that I bought from Ricky Chu. The strip went very easily and we had the interior out in just over an hour. We still need to scrape the sound deadening from the interior and pull […]

So long s2000

Well it is time to say goodbye to my Honda s2000. It was probably the shortest time I have ever owned a car, being only 6 months, most of them with it stored for winter. Not a huge loss though, as even though I really enjoyed the look and entertainment of the car, it just […]