Latest from Applied Engineering

Latest from Applied Engineering

Hey guys! Just wanted to give y’all an update on my projects with Applied Engineering & Design. After finally getting the ball rolling and figuring out what kind of videos and projects I wanted to work on, I’ve been able to start preparing for getting them done. Originally, I had “started” Applied Eng. to do CAD/CAM tutorials on YouTube. I had hopes that it could actually be a future business that would offer 3D printing, CAD/CAM services, and CNC machining services mainly, but possibly also offer fabrication, welding, etc. After opening Allstar Tactical‘s retail store, The Bunker, my time has become very limited, but I still wanted to do some the various maker shit that interests me.

Fast forward a little bit, and now it seems I’ve found a great place for Applied Engineering to sit at, which is doing all kinds of YouTube videos from unboxing technology, reviewing various maker and engineering products, continuing to do CAD/CAM tutorials, other software tutorials, as well as add in some actual machining videos, electronics videos, and more.

My goal is to trying and get up one or two videos per week on various topics, so if you have some ideas of topics or suggestions of things you’d like to see, feel free to leave me a comment below! Thanks for checking in!

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Mike is an active member and entrepreneur in the firearms and motorsports industries, current President & CEO of Allstar Tactical, adjunct professor at Monroe Community College, as well as contributor to other blogs and publications. When not active in his various entrepreneurial ventures, Mike is involved in several hobbies including, electronic music, radio controlled vehicles, riding motorcycles, watches, fitness, family and causing his wife grief.

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