Latest project twoforty updates…

So there hasn’t been much to update with the project as of late. Since my last update we worked on getting the entire interior stripped, including all of the sound deadening. If we are going to reach our goal of 2500lbs with driver, then every little bit is going to count. Once we finished stripping […]


Well, I just recently returned from California, after visiting with the Rice Boy Media guys. Ricky Chu, John Naderi, and Mike Robleto, formerly of Super Street Magazine, have started up, an online TV and media site. Considering these guys are some of the top-notch media professionals in the industry, I was not surprised to […]

New Blog!

Finally got around to creating a site with What better to make than a blog to talk about all the things I can babble on about! Anyways, welcome to my site, and I should some good information coming up about automotive topics, computers, networking and more! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂