Cantu Bruner Designs Pens

Cantu Bruner Designs Pens

If you haven’t heard about Cantu Bruner Pens yet, you either live under a rock or just aren’t IG Famous enough! Cantu Bruner Designs was started in August 2011 by Dax Bruner, where they specialize in made-to-order, handcrafted pens and accessories. Their bullet pens use once-fired shells and are never castings of any kind. His items are great for gifts for friends, groomsmen, wives (who steal them from you anyways) or just for yourself to write some awesome things down.

Dax is one of the most positive and motivating individuals in “our industry” that I know of,  from the daily posts he makes on instagram to just the fact that he’s always supporting other businesses as well. In addition to the bullet pens, he has an awesome line of fountain pens that I know are one of his favorites to work on.

Some of the other high-end accessories that Cantu Bruner Designs offers vary in their uniqueness. They have several boxes for display of your pens, a leather portfolio, and my personal favorite, a leather “You Get What You Deserve” wallet.

We even had Dax on our radio show, Crash n Burn, where I was able to interview him and get the inside scoop on his business and what makes the man himself tick. Check it out here:


Don’t forget that Cantu Bruner Designs also will work on complete custom versions of their pens as well. They can do pretty much anything you may be looking for and I’m hoping to work with Dax soon on a special limited edition Inked Up GunFighter version of the pen.

Before I forget, I don’t want to leave out the awesome Fountain Pens and Ballpoint Pens that he offers. They are a little more spendy than your bullet pens but this is where you will see true artwork. These pens are amazing. My only reason for not having one is that I couldn’t stop without owning all of them, and before you know it, I’d have $1000 in pens.

Now is a great time to get your order in with Cantu Bruner Designs for a gift for the Holidays! We also have a very special coupon code that you guys can use on his website for 15% off your order!! Use INKEDUP on your next order and let them know that we sent you there!! Keep doing the great work Dax!

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