SHOT Show 2016 Soon!

SHOT Show 2016 Soon!

With SHOT Show just around the corner, We have been going crazy to get everything ready for travelling out there. SHOT 2016 will be my 5th show that I’ve attended and I was an exhibitor for one of the years as well. The show is touted as an SHOT SHOWindustry-only show, and the description on their website is  “for all professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting, and law enforcement industries.” The definition is loose, and many attendees get upset about “non-industry” folks attending
the show. Personally, I think that is ridiculous. We should be encouraging the folks who don’t fit the “industry” mold to attend. I’m not saying that we should open the show to the public, but when I hear people getting “upset” about firearms instructors, kydex holster makers, or other gear makers being at the show, it irritates me. As I said, there are many facets to our industry, and we should be welcoming to those products and services. Rant over.

Anyways, just throwing this out there for everyone who’s going to the show. Leave me a comment below if you’re going so we can get together for a drink or something. I love meeting new people, especially like-minded ones in our industry. Each year I’m involved in throwing a party and this year is no different! I usually walk around the show in a big haze and can’t hear for shit so if I don’t see you or didn’t hear you say hi, don’t get upset. Just come right up to me and introduce yourself!

Here’s hoping this year is going to be an AWESOME show. I’m super excited to rep a bunch of the new brands that I’m associated with for 2016. See you all in VEGAS!!!

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Mike is an active member and entrepreneur in the firearms and motorsports industries, current President & CEO of Allstar Tactical, adjunct professor at Monroe Community College, as well as contributor to other blogs and publications. When not active in his various entrepreneurial ventures, Mike is involved in several hobbies including, electronic music, radio controlled vehicles, riding motorcycles, watches, fitness, family and causing his wife grief.

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