Introducing Applied Engineering & Design

Introducing Applied Engineering & Design

I’ve created a pseudo-business-identity underneath Erica’s company, Technotic Media, called Applied Engineering & Design. I am using it to create some great HOWTO videos on YouTube for various products like Rhino3D and RhinoCAM, as well as using it for some contract work on CAD/CAM design.

Additionally, I’ll be doing videos and articles on 3D Printing, custom drones, Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects, and more! If you have a suggestion for a video or a geeky topic you would like me to cover, feel free to contact me!

You can follow Applied Engineering & Design on Twitter and Google+, and be sure to subscribe to the AE&D YouTube Channel!

About The Author

Mike is an active member and entrepreneur in the firearms and motorsports industries, current President & CEO of Allstar Tactical, adjunct professor at Monroe Community College, as well as contributor to other blogs and publications. When not active in his various entrepreneurial ventures, Mike is involved in several hobbies including, electronic music, radio controlled vehicles, riding motorcycles, watches, fitness, family and causing his wife grief.

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