Dopesett | Gun Apparel, Gear & Accessories

Dopesett | Gun Apparel, Gear & Accessories

I’d like to announce a great partnership between Inked Up GunFighter™ and Dopesett. Dopesett is A lifestyle brand inspired by the art, sport and culture of shooting. They were founded by a friend of mine by the name of Ben who truly is an artist. His artwork are out-of-the-box-thinking, swerving-out-of-his-lane, just plain awesome designs. The Dopesett “Gadsden” shirt really drew me in with its modern take on the classic Gadsden snake design. It’s bright yellow and you have to be awesome (which I am) in order to successfully pull it off. In fact, I am wearing my Dopesett 3 Percenter shirt right now as I’m writing this article.

Our name comes from “DOPE Settings”, a term widely used in practice by shooters. It is also known as Data On Previous Engagement or as some say, “Doping the wind”.


A Dopesetter is someone who has perseverance. Someone that in spite of difficulties, obstacles and discouragement will choose to move forward and stay on target. Someone who learns from failure and pivots when a change in the course of action is needed. Someone that will use experience and available resources to gain their advantage.

The owner and artist, Ben, has some great ideas and I think that he’s going to have some great new products coming out this year! Some of the shirts available now are the Bear Flag Revolt, Gunfighter, Gadsden, Reaper, Dopesetter, and 3 Percenter. Dopesett also has a line of awesome custom watches which you can order and have custom made for you. Dopesett is certainly one of the first brands in the industry to come out with a watch, especially such a good-looking one.

We are all dopesetters one way or another. The DOPE is within us. We all have a shot to make in our lifetime.

Check out their website and check out the apparel and gear. You might even see a collaboration between Inked Up GunFighter and Dopesett in the future! I’m definitely excited to see what is in store for the rest of the year, and I wish the best of luck to Ben!

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Mike is an active member and entrepreneur in the firearms and motorsports industries, current President & CEO of Allstar Tactical, adjunct professor at Monroe Community College, as well as contributor to other blogs and publications. When not active in his various entrepreneurial ventures, Mike is involved in several hobbies including, electronic music, radio controlled vehicles, riding motorcycles, watches, fitness, family and causing his wife grief.

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  • Jeff Smith on January 3, 2018

    I just thought that this shirt apparel looks amazing. Reminds me of my newly both hat. I’d love to wear these bad boys while shooting outdoor. You might want to check it too.

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