Mid-Ohio Speedway

Mid-Ohio Speedway

I completely forgot to write about my track day at Mid-Ohio Speedway!

Considering it was my first motorcycle track day, I was pretty nervous about how I would do. I’ve had experience with cars on the track and at autocross, so I was hoping that experience would help. It certainly did!

After the first couple sessions I got the hang of it and we started to really pick up the pace. Our group was passing some of the higher groups and we really seemed to work well together. From the first day to the second day, they moved our group up, and it was good to hear some great feedback from the instructor.

As for Mid-Ohio, it was an awesome track overall. Great road surface, and a very fast course. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do a track day.

The group that I did the track day with was Sportbike Track Time and I would definitely recommend them as a track day organization. Great staff, great instruction and it was well put together. {thumbs up}

Check out this video below of me on the track at Mid-Ohio:

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