Dyno Tune of 2006 Yamaha R6

Dyno Tune of 2006 Yamaha R6

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to bring my bike up to one of my new sponsors, Moon Performance, in Lake Placid, NY, to be tuned on their dyno. I purchased a Dynojet PCIII from Seth, the owner at Moon Performance, and he installed it for me while we were up there for the rspeed.org spring meet. It was a fairly simple install, but I felt more comfortable having Seth install it, since he was going to be tuning it anyways.

After some very loud runs on the dyno, Seth came up to me with a sheet showing my finished tune. The bike made 110whp and 43 ft-lbs. He saw around a 3 hp gain on his dyno, which seems to read slightly lower than a Dynojet style dyno. I plan to bring it to a local shop with a dyno to see how it increased from my baseline last year at the same shop.

Check out the videos below of the bike on the dyno. It doesn’t do the exhaust too much justice, though 🙂

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