sportbike track time

sportbike track time

I’m really excited because I just registered for my second track day this spring so far! Both events are with Sportbike Track Time. My first event this year, also my first event ever, is at Mid Ohio Speedway, and the second event is going to be at Barber Motorsports Park, down in Leeds, AL.

What’s really cool about the second one is that the event includes a dinner and private showing of the Barber Museum. It’s going to be a long drive down to Alabama, but it will definitely be worth it!!!

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Mike is an active member and entrepreneur in the firearms and motorsports industries, current President & CEO of Allstar Tactical, adjunct professor at Monroe Community College, as well as contributor to other blogs and publications. When not active in his various entrepreneurial ventures, Mike is involved in several hobbies including, electronic music, radio controlled vehicles, riding motorcycles, watches, fitness, family and causing his wife grief.

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  • Elinaldo on April 8, 2014

    I’ve taken some time to think about this. The conclusion I’ve reacehd is that I’ve never owned a real motorcycle.It started with my 1973 Honda CB 750. I would occasionally be asked when I was going to get a “real” motorcycle. This meant that someone thought I was unhappy riding my old Honda, and wanted to know when I would be buying a Harley Davidson.Years later I would be asked the same question, but from a different angle: How could I be happy riding an old bike? When would I be buying a “real” motorcycle, meaning something modern with cutting edge performance and massive horsepower? And the finance and insurance payments to match?I did finally buy a modern bike, first a Triumph Speed Triple and later a Triumph Tiger. Of course neither of these were “real” motorcycles. One of my co-workers completely flipped out when he saw that I’d bought a new bike and it wasn’t a Harley, another one has derided my Triumphs as not being “real” Triumphs. Presumably because they have reliable electrics and they don’t piss oil all over the place.My dirt bike isn’t “real.” I forget why though – either because it isn’t a two stroke or because it’s got drum brakes.Then we get into my latest motorcycling hobby – racing. I have a 1970 Honda CB 750 that I race with the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association. I’m pretty sure I don’t have a “real” race bike. But the reasons vary.a)It’s not a “real” historic racer because it isn’t from Europe. Apparently the Japanese have no racing history.b)It’s not a “real” race bike because it started life as a street bike. Although in the 70’s it was pretty common for a guy to race the same bike he rode to work. And it’s 2007, so I’m pretty sure the 70’s can be considered history.c)It’s not a “real” race bike because it’s a four stroke.d)It’s not a “real” race bike because it isn’t the latest and greatest high-tech stuff available.So. Here I am, with an entire garage full of bikes that aren’t “real.”Why the fuck am I so happy, then?

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