REVIEW: Harris Performance Racing Fuel Cap

REVIEW: Harris Performance Racing Fuel Cap

Another step in gradually making my 2006 R6 a track bike is the replacement of the fuel cap with a no-lock, racing style one. There are several manufacturers of racing fuel caps, with Vortex being the most predominate one that people seem to choose. When I came across this Harris Performance fuel cap, it was pretty much everything I had wanted.

The fuel cap is all black (they offer silver or gold as well) with Harris etched into it. It comes with stainless steel bolts to mount it to your bike. Installation is very easy for even the novice bike mechanic. Below I show the simple steps for installation.

The first step is to remove the factory bolts from the fuel cap. Next take out the bolt that is inside holding the fuel cap to the tank. Remove the stock cap. At this point I used a rag and cleaned any dust or dirt that might have made its way into that area. The next part was a little tricky. You have to feed the breather tube down the hole that sealed against the factory cap for venting. It is a really tight fit. Use a little muscle, and just slowly push it down in there without squishing it too much. You need to get a lot of it down in there so that the cap will sit flush with the tank and not block off that tube. Lastly, screw in the 3 bolts that hold it to the tank and you’re done!

Harris Performance Racing Fuel Cap Harris Performance Racing Fuel CapHarris Performance Racing Fuel CapHarris Performance Racing Fuel CapHarris Performance Racing Fuel CapHarris Performance Racing Fuel Cap

I think that the fit and finish of the Harris cap is a little better than the Vortex ones that I’ve seen. Judging by the way the cap locks to the plate, I don’t think I’ll have any issues with the cap binding to the plate. The cap, however is a little pricey at around $130 US, but worth in my opinion. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for an aftermarket fuel cap.

4/9/08 – I have added a video below showing the function of the Harris Performance Racing Fuel Cap and how simple it is to open and close the fuel cap.

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