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Centola Rifle

Well-known and published author Grant Cunningham recently wrote an article that included a picture of me and a short blurb.

Believe it or not, this guy is one of the most die-hard Second Amendment fans you are likely to find. He even ownsΒ a company that makes AR-15 rifles and parts, and is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Yet there are a whole lot of people who probably wouldn’t give him the time of day at a shooting range. That’s ignorant, and I’ll tell you why.

Grant has become a colleague and friend of mine over the last few years because of my involvement with I.C.E. Training, Rob Pincus, and Combat Focus Shooting. He is a great resource and writes some very informative posts on his two blog websites, Revolver Liberation Alliance and Personal Security Institute.

Read the whole article here: The younger generation is here, and it’s about time we started treating them like fellow shooters.