Rob Pincus is with rifle specialist Mike Centola of Allstar Tactical to discuss where the support hand should be placed on a long gun. Mike demonstrates a few positions and talks about what situations they might be used in. Both Mike and Rob agree that different circumstances will dictate different…



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We just released a brand new compensator over on Allstar Tactical called the HEXCON1 Compensator!!! Check it out: As one of our flagship compensators, the HEXCON1 is a great option for competition, varmint hunting, and more. The HEXCON1 incorporates a unique design with staggered expansion chambers to aid in dissipation…

Combat Focus Carbine Video

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Came across this video from April, 2013, when Allstar Tactical hosted Rob for a Combat Focus Shooting and Combat Focus Carbine class. The final exercise for the combat focus carbine class was this drill here that we were able to record. It’s an interesting drill designed to run you through the…

Stay The Course Industries

 am extremely happy to announce a partnership with Stay The Course Industries! STC was founded by my friend Steve who through many text messages, funny pics, and social media comments, has become a great business colleague of mine. When I first noticed their feed on the Instagrams, I was immediately…

Featured on Grant Cunningham’s Website!→

Centola Rifle

Well-known and published author Grant Cunningham recently wrote an article that included a picture of me and a short blurb.

Believe it or not, this guy is one of the most die-hard Second Amendment fans you are likely to find. He even owns a company that makes AR-15 rifles and parts, and is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Yet there are a whole lot of people who probably wouldn’t give him the time of day at a shooting range. That’s ignorant, and I’ll tell you why.

Grant has become a colleague and friend of mine over the last few years because of my involvement with I.C.E. Training, Rob Pincus, and Combat Focus Shooting. He is a great resource and writes some very informative posts on his two blog websites, Revolver Liberation Alliance and Personal Security Institute.

Read the whole article here: The younger generation is here, and it’s about time we started treating them like fellow shooters.

Technotic Media Has a New Owner!

Technotic Media Has a New Owner!

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This past January, my company Technotic Media, parent company to successful ventures and, passed it’s 10 year anniversary. For the last several years, my wife Erica has been a major part of helping run these companies, their growth and a critical part of their success over the years.  I…